Annalisa Simonella MSc (Eng)Director / Building Physicist

Annalisa has been working in the building envelope physics field for over 15 years, providing design support in hundreds of prominent projects.

She studied Building Engineering at the University of Padova and received her Master of Science in 2001. She has worked for the engineering consulting company Arup in London where she lead the Building Envelope Physics team within the Facade Engineering Consulting Group. Prior to Arup she worked for the R&D department of the facade contractor company Permasteelisa in Italy.

Annalisa has been an occasional lecturer at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (Glasgow School of Art) and other universities. She developed and delivered CIBSE training courses on energy efficient facade design.


Selected projects

  • Rathbone Place, London. New residential/commercial building designed by MAKE Architects. Facade thermal performance.
  • Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, London. Recladding project designed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands Architects. Thermal analysis of curtain wall.
  • St Lawrence House, London. Commercial building designed by Emrys Architects. Thermal analysis of stone and faience cladding.
  • 7-10 Hanover Square, London. Residential building designed by MAKE Architects. Facade thermal performance.

The following projects were carried out while working for Arup.

  • Guy’s Tower, London. Façade retrofitting for hospital building designed by Penoyre & Prasad. Façade performance advice and assessment including assessment of impact of refurbishment options on energy performance and comfort.
  • Low2No, Helsinki. Low carbon residential development designed by Sauerbruch Hutton. Façade performance advice and assessment.
  • Regent Street Block W4. New office building with partially retained facade designed by AHMM. Façade performance advice including detailed analysis of double skin façade.
  • Guggenheim Museum, Abu Dhabi. Landmark museum designed by Frank Gehry. Façade performance advice and assessment.
  • New Court Rothschild Bank, London. Bank headquarters designed by OMA. Project management and façade performance advice.
  • CMA CGM Headquarters, Marseille. Commercial building designed by Zaha Hadid. Façade performance advice including detailed analysis of double skin façade.
  • BBC Headquarters, Glasgow. Designed by David Chipperfield. Optimisation of double sin façade performance including shading management system.

The following projects were carried out while working for Permasteelisa.

  • National Library, Singapore. Designed by T.R. Hamzah & Ken Yeang. Daylighting availability and visual comfort assessment for different façade and shading arrangements.



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