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Developed as a result of a 3 month Innovate UK funded project, the Design XR approach allows us to bring Virtual Reality to bear as a tool in commercial design reviews. Virtual Reality gives you as client the chance to view in true 3D early stage design concepts, to interrogate and compare different material finishes and product configurations.

A key consideration in the development of this approach has been to break VR out of the gamer mindset into becoming an accessible tool whatever your background or experience. Design development is a multidisciplinary activity and we believe it is important to involve all stakeholders in the design process.

The Design XR interface allows for:

  • Interactive study of models on an intuitive “Carousel”
  • A gallery display space where the whole design history of your development can be laid out
  • Scaling of models to let you get into the details of the design
  • A sectioning tool to allow you to get into the guts of assemblies
  • Customised colour and material swatches to allow comparison and decisions on the aesthetics of finishes
  • Customised use context simulations to preview your design in situ

Customised content and assets can be discussed with you to meet your team’s requirements.

If this is a tool you would like to use in your own developments please get in touch and we can discuss creating a bespoke VR experience for you either based in our studio here in Glasgow or on-site with your team.

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