Bevilacqua – Venice Design Week 2014

Bevilacqua – Venice Design Week 2014

Like many places in Venice, it’s not easy to find the HQ of Luigi Bevilacqua, but if you make the right turn you will find a fairly unassuming door in a campo in Sestiere Santa Croce that doesn’t in any way prepare you for the world you are about to enter. As part of Venice Design Week, Alberto Bevilacqua, along with his brother hereditors of the Bevilacqua family, gave us a tour of their historical and still operational facilities.

Bevilacqua produce high quality velvets and brocades. In this workshop in Venice they produce handmade velvets which are produced purely for the most luxurious of markets.

Machine made velvets are produced at their base in Conegliano on the mainland in the north of the Veneto region.

The key difference between handmade and machine produced velvets is the looping achievable in the handmade velvet pile.

This is a painstaking process whereby the silk thread is woven in with steel rods being used to control the warp/weft to two different heights. The lower height will remain a loop whilst the higher loop created is then cut with a deft slice across the fabric with a hand held blade.

We visited during the events of Venice Design Week in 2014, but Bevilacqua can be visited on requested by contacting them through their website below;

I recommend keeping an eye on the Venice Design Week site also for some fascinating events relating to design and craft in Venice;




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